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Backend Development

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  • TYPO3 Expertise At the heart of our back-end web development capabilities is our expertise in TYPO3, a versatile and robust content management system. We have been working with TYPO3 to manage large and complex website that are scalable, customizable, and easy to manage for content editors.
  • Custom TYPO3 Modules We specialize in developing custom TYPO3 modules tailored to your unique requirements. Whether you need advanced e-commerce functionality, integrated CRM systems, or specialized content management features, our custom modules enhance the capabilities of your website.
  • Scalable Architecture Our back-end systems are built with scalability in mind. Our solutions can easily accommodate increased traffic and pages without compromising on performance.
  • Native Forms Our back-end development team creates native forms that integrate with your TYPO3-powered website. These forms are designed for optimal user experience and data collection, ensuring that you capture information efficiently.
  • React Native for Mobile Development In addition to TYPO3, we are also proficient in mobile development using React Native. Our expertise allows us to create cross-platform mobile applications that offer exceptional and a native-like user experience on both Android and iOS devices.
  • Easy Adaptation and Flexibility We build adaptable systems that can grow with your business needs. Whether you need to scale up, integrate new functionalities or make changes on the fly, our solutions are designed for easy adaptation.
  • Speed and Performance Optimization Our back-end development focuses on optimising page load times and overall website performance, key factors in modern SEO best practice.

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