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  • TYPO3 - A Flexible and robust CMS Solution As our core technology for web development, we work with TYPO3, an Open Source CMS with which we have acquired a solid expertise over the years. One of the main advantages of TYPO3 is its unrivalled flexibility. We have the ability to create a custom CMS system, comprising only the components needed to design the ideal website experience for you.
  • Customization It is also highly customisable. We have the ability to add custom PHP-coded blocks, giving us total control to create very specific functionalities without having to modify the standard CMS files. This approach guarantees the adaptability of your website, without hindering or complicating CMS updates during maintenance missions.
  • Time-efficient development With a large number of pre-existing components in TYPO3, we can cut development time considerably by adapting them to your visual guidelines and site experience requirements. This means cost-effective solutions without compromising on quality.
  • Built-in features TYPO3 also has default features that can be easily activated and configured to suit your needs. Examples include workspaces for creating workflows, forms for generating customized forms by contributors, and LDAP/AD connection for integration with your existing systems.

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