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A better living environment

Oesling · New Brand Identity for Oesling

A toddler in the rain with a yellow rain jacket and sticking out his tongue
The Oesling Logo with an oak seed from the brand identity guidelines

Although Luxembourg is a small country, there are many treasures scattered all over it. The most scenic ones hidden up north, in the Éislek, or Oesling. When Oesling, a real estate portal, came to us in 2020 to repolish their brand identity, we knew it would be a wonderful project.

Gif showing the Oesling Logo in seasonal colours
Oesling brand identity colour palette


This new brand identity represents what the Oesling stands for: nature, panoramic scenery and greenery. It should also entice people to consider investing in property up north. For this, Oesling wanted to bring forth quality over quantity and promote a better living environment: “Schéin Wunnen”.

Oesling scenery of an aerial countryside landscape
typography of Oesling from the brand identity guidelines
Slate tiles reflecting Oesling dark brand colour
yellow brooms reflecting Oesling brand colours


To mirror the aspect of nature and a better living environment, we decided to use a seed for the “O” of Oesling. With this seed grows the Oesling’s heritage, hence it stands for a continually increasing value of the quality of life and the investment in property in the Oesling. This also becomes clear when considering that oak trees stand for strength, longevity and protection. Furthermore, they are a keystone species, keeping forests healthy. This theme of nature is also reflected through the chosen colour palettes, inspired by the Oesling’s vivid landscapes. They consist of greens, browns, yellow, blue, grey and a dusty lavender.They adapt throughout the seasons with nature itself.

For the typography, we chose a highly versatile, yet discretionary typeface with a lot of visual character. The typeface Lota Grotesque ensures that Oesling can stand out pf the crowd. 

This design consolidates the meaning of “Schéin Wunnen” (living beautifully) where the quality of the property as well as life in general is meant. “Schéin Wunnen” therefore becomes more than a selling point for beautiful real estate. It becomes a lifestyle, where living in the Oesling means living alongside nature, in a better environment.

Stationary with the Oesling logo
A small car with the Oesling brand identity
Jute bag with the Oesling logo
Oesling posters that promote properties