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LALUX Assurances · Full Design and Technical revamp of LALUX Espace Client

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After a revamp of the Marketing Website and the Mobile App, it's LALUX’s Online Client Area on Desktop's turn to undergo a complete update. As leader in the insurance industry, LALUX needed to complete the loop and update the last block of its experience: perfect the area where clients can manage their contracts, check their reimbursements or even get assistance.


This project raised two main challenges:

  • First, keep the user experience consistent between the Mobile App and the Desktop Web App.
  • Second, set up viable technical foundations for the future of LALUX’s application ecosystem.



The freshly updated LALUX Mobile App was the main source of inspiration for the Desktop Web App. As a user-centric approach, it was obviously important that the user experience between the two platforms was consistent. Despite a few different functionalities, the Client Area on Desktop ended up with the same representation of the main navigation as well as similar navigation patterns.

On Desktop, we took advantage of the free space to display information that is usually one click away on the Mobile App.

Attention has also been paid to the finer details of the user experience. For example, the Phone input that facilitates the selection of a country extension, the loading state of some part of the interface that mimics the skeleton of the content, or the way a user can upload an image but also how the search behaves when browsing large lists of options.

Applications ecosystem

For several reasons, we suggested to build LALUX’s online client area with the React Framework.

First of all, React offers a great developer experience. A modular and intuitive approach to develop and use components across different applications.

Also, React is part of a broader ecosytem where the web and mobile application worlds can meet and share pieces of code. As part of the same platform, both LALUX’s Mobile and Desktop apps would benefit from being managed as a single project. Choosing React will smoothen this transition if both applications were to be merged together in the near future.

In this context, embracing React would cut the cost of future developments for both applications and make LALUX’s applications ecosystem maintenance easier; All of that without any downside in terms of performance and experience for the end-user.