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Tooling the future

CERATIZIT Group · New corporate identity for Ceratizit

CERATIZIT has been a pioneer in the field of hard material solutions for machining and wear protection for over 95 years.

In 2016, they tasked us with the redesign of their corporate identity, which included visuals for digital and print media, an image campaign as well as a new baseline.

Worker Icon of the Ceratizit Corporate Identity with a warehouse indoor on the background
Rollup with the new Ceratizit Corporate Identity
Icons set from the Ceratizit Corporate Identity
Human Resources Flyer with the new Ceratizit Corporate Identity


The challenge was to modernise the corporate identity of this key player.  Moreover, the corporate identity needed to be coherent for internal as well as external communications. Coherence is of importance because the brand image needs to be communicated clearly and consistently at all times.

4 Posters with the new Ceratizit Corporate Identity on a black wall


We designed an easy to use identity manual, with a practical and recognisable brand icons set. Ready-to-use layouts for all publications, and, of course, a clear and sharp baseline “Tooling the Future”.

These guidelines were then used to produce posters, brand videos, brochures, exhibition stands, and much more.

The baseline is not only a play on CERATIZIT remaining a steady pioneer for almost a century, it also stands for their dedication towards keeping ahead of the competition as well as to remaining the global market leader for hard materials in the future.

Wall showing "tooling the future" at a conference event
CERATIZIT Group · CERATIZIT group is the result of the merger between CERAMETAL and Plansee Tizit, and has established itself as a global player in the production of carbide products and innovative carbide solutions. With over 95 years of expertise, the company develops, produces and markets new technologies and innovative solutions for wear-protection and cutting tools. Furthermore, CERATIZIT is active in wood and stone working, producing tools such as hammers and drills.