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  • Native, Web-App, or Hybrid? Choosing the appropriate mobile development strategy can be a daunting task. Native apps, web-apps, and hybrid apps all have their merits, and selecting the right one depends on your specific needs. Based on our experience and the elements in our possession, we tend to favor a web-app solution in the first instance, for several reasons.
  • Web-App: A Pragmatic Choice 1. Functional Added Value: The functional advantages of a dedicated iOS/Android app compared to the technical possibilities of a web-app are not always clear-cut. Web-apps can provide robust functionality while offering a more cost-effective and efficient solution. 2. Technical Distinctiveness: Developing a dedicated app is technically distinct from creating a website or web-app. Managing both concurrently can be complex and resource-intensive, potentially affecting the project's timeline and budget.
  • A Phased Approach While the development of a dedicated application is certainly an option, we advocate considering it as a subsequent phase to the development of a website or web-app. This approach allows us to improve based on feedback and improvements from the initial phase, enabling us to make informed decisions about all further development.

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