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2021 has been a crazy year. All that craziness made us want to launch a Merch brand, cos, why not?
The first product of Apaart is a beautiful essential: a pair of socks.
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Want to discover what 2022 holds for you?

To wish you all a happy new year we built a little app to make you a custom prediction of soon-to-be-trendy things you’ll love in 2022. Don't wait any longer, go get your custom prophecy.

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Villa Vauban

Villa Vauban, Luxembourg City Art Museum, was built in 1873 in the center of Luxembourg City and surrounded by the town's greenery. The historic museum was refurbished in the 21st century and extended with signature Philippe Schmit copper cladding. The Villa Vauban encapsulates tradition as well as modernity, reflecting this through their European and Luxembourgish Art exhibitions, ranging from the 17th to the 21st century.

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