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The Ministry of Education, Children and Youth aimed to provide parents and their children with an all-in-one personalized platform where they can access all the online services offered by the Ministry and which ultimately ensures that administrative procedures are easier, more efficient and accessible for everyone.


Create Eduguichet's graphic identity, giving the platform a unique character through simple geometric shapes. The challenge was to design a user interface that was both accessible and understandable for children and their parents. The expected outcome is an online platform with a personalized space for each parent and child, all available in 5 languages.

Poster walls featuring eduguichet's new branding in the street



The first step was to design the logotype, inspired by the tangram principle. This represents the essence of Eduguichet, a platform that aims to bring together information for audiences of all ages. We later utilised this concept as a starting point for the other visual elements, notably the illustrations and the children's avatars. The colors were used to guide the user through the platform, highlighting specific sections. Once all the graphic elements had been completed, we supplied a complete styleguide.

eduguichet brand colors design

The Logo

The logo is based on the tangram principle, which allowed us to create a multitude of shapes (pictograms, illustrations and avatars), including the letter "G". The tangram in a way reflects "Eduguichet", a platform that brings together a broad range of information for different target groups.


The Font

Soleil, designed by Wolfgang Homola, is a geometric sans serif typeface. It has asymmetrical counters, making it look fresher, dynamic and contemporary. Simple geometric forms - such as the circle or the square - played a certain role in the design of the letterforms.

Visual Identity

Building on the new logo, we designed all the graphic elements that make up Eduguichet’s fresh identity, including a set of avatars that guides users and offers a personalized experience.


The interface design

When simplicity meets sophistication! The new platform enables parents to keep track of their children's school life, and supports students in their daily learning activities. In addition, we also successfully designed the whole frontend system.

Apart's mission came to an end when the new Eduguichet graphic identity was completed. We did not carry out the development of the graphic design.