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No more tax burden

Spuerkeess · Digital marketing campaign for myTax


Promoting the intelligent digital assistant myTax by Spuerkeess, a feature integrated into S-Net to fill out your tax declaration. 

Mission: create a series of animations and short clips dedicated to social media.


    A campaign tailored to the service: myTax was created to be a user-friendly solution. The challenge was clear: find a simple concept to promote it.

    A highly accessible campaign: Everyone has to fill out their tax declaration.



    The campaign highlights the advantages of using myTax. Videos of different lengths enable a flexible use around our central theme: the pencil.

    The pencil became our muse, our metaphor for a classic tax return, for calculating, for filling out traditional forms, and finally, the pencil is often the first victim to frustration and stress in these exact situations.

    When struggling with a tax form, one might chew on their pencil, compulsively sharpen it, or in some cases even break it. This stress, rage and discomfort is represented by the pencil. In other words, it reflects our anger and frustration.

    Quick switch to myTax: no need to go through that pain. The pencil loses its negative connotation. You won’t need the pencil, might as well have some fun! We made people balance the pencil between their lip and nose, because tax returns don’t have to be frustrating. Our slogan “myTax relax” highlights the easy-going attitude and wraps up our campaign with a smile.


    The concept can be adapted to many different formats: clips of varying durations, banners, displays, or images.

    Spuerkeess · Spuerkeess (also known as Banque et Caisse d'Epargne de l'Etat), is Luxembourg's leading and oldest financial institution in Luxembourg. Established in 1856 as 'Caisse d'épargne' (Savings Bank), Spuerkeess embodies over 160 years of expertise today and has become a trusted partner for its customers and received many awards by rating agencies. Spuerkeess has also grown into an all-in-one bank, offering retail and private banking among other services.