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Apart wins the Office Space of The Year Award 2021

Claude Folschette

We’re very proud to announce that Apart won the 2021 Office Space of The Year Award!

About the award

The Office Space of The Year is a competition organized by CBRE to elect the Best Office Space in Luxembourg.

In 2021, the jury was composed of 6 members: Tatiana Fabeck (Owner & Founder, Fabeck Architectes), Gabriel Uzgen (CEO, Besix Red), Céline Coubray (Editor in Chief, Maison Moderne), Romain Muller (Managing Director, Firce Capital Fund), Patrica Delcourt (Director Workspace, CBRE Luxembourg) and Pierre Voos (Chief Administrative Officer, Edmond de Rothschild).

We were in competition with 15 other companies. Among them, Ferrero, Patrizia, House of Startups, Ashurst, Ginkgo but also IWG.

Photo of the Open Space

The story of our new offices

In 2020, Apart turned 16, and for the last couple of years, we were working in an office that resembled a family apartment. We were meeting clients in the parental suite and working in the open kitchen and living space :)

So, in 2020, when we reached equilibrium as a team and company, we decided it was time to establish ourselves in an office we can finally call our home.

We knew from the beginning that we wanted to create a space mirroring who we are as a Digital Agency. We usually do that through the projects we develop for our clients but building a work space was an exciting new challenge! After months of research, we finally stumbled upon this raw space in Mamer. We couldn't miss this opportunity and decided to take the plunge.

We spent a few weeks brainstorming with the team, gathering ideas and defining the project's outline and purpose, before hiring an architect (INKA - Interior Design & More) to help us with the space layout and to oversee the construction work.

Raw space at the beginning of the construction project
 Start laying the concrete slab
The concret slab is almost dry
Building up the kitchen block
Powering up the office with all the electricity stuffs
Laying down the floor heating system
 Assembly of the raised desk platform
Assembly the structure of the large desks in the open space

A reflection of our company’s values

The project was driven by 3 mantras:

1) Sense of belonging

Being a small team of creatives, we wanted everyone to be able to share their visions and ideas which would later define our new office. From there, a sense of belonging to our new home has set in, bringing everyone closer together.

2) Meaning

This space should reflect our essence, who we are. So, we came up with 3 keywords to define us: fraternity, reliability and transparency.

  • Fraternity. We're a small team, creative at heart, that enjoys working and spending time together. The open plan office space is the perfect physical reflection of this sense of unity we feel as a team.
  • Reliability. We build true relationships with the clients we’re working with. Those genuine connections are echoed by the bare pipes and raw concrete suffused through the space, concerted with lasting materials such as wood, steel and glass. In brief, a friendly space without artifice.
  • Transparency. The foundation of any long lasting relationship. To translate this idea of ​​transparency to the outside, the office is encompassed by panoramic windows which welcome warmth and natural light. This is echoed within our office through our different spaces such as the meeting room, which uses the same framed glass walls with sound-proofing order. Ultimately, we created a private, yet transparent environment.

3) Peace of mind

A decluttered work space and minimalistic décor allow the spirit to roam free and to be easily inspired.


The open kitchen, a place to gather together
Barista corner in the open kitchen
Chill corner in the open kitchen
View of the open space from the platform
Meeting room in full framed glass walls
Lights and plants in the shared kitchen


Eight months after the beginning of the construction work, we were able to move into our new offices. We immediately felt the fresh dynamic it brought to the team!

During these difficult times (hello COVID…), we are very grateful to have this enjoyable space to work at (at least, some days of the week).

Next time you're in the neighborhood, feel free to come by!